Hello world!

Welcome to my new and improved world.

I wrote this first “Hello world” in October 2009 I first started this blog. After a long overdue update which erased all my previous posts (of which there were not many because I allowed life to intrude), I decided to start from scratch. That is, with the exception of this first post because I believe, in a way, it is still applicable. I may change a few words, add some, delete some, but for the most part leave it as it was.

Taking the first step is always difficult, whether it be toward a new school, new job, new relationship,  or simply a new project or endeavor.

In my case, the newest endeavor in my life is deciding to return to the written word, my passion, as an editor. Although, unlike in the past, it is not journalistic editing. And because I also find writing to be very fulfilling, the goal is for this space to actually be more active. Maybe not as active as some spaces, but more active than it was before.

No matter how much we want something, or how excited we are about undertaking a new experience, that first step can be the worst. It is the one that commits us to that path.

Many writers find the first sentence or paragraph on a brand new page. That is precisely where I find myself now.

So here we are; the first in what I hope to be a frequently read blog with varied posts about whatever sparks my interest. It could be a review of whatever book I happened to just finished reading. It could be ramblings about being a gramma. Or, it could be about the latest happenings with my work as an editor – more on that in the next post.

This first entry is most likely the most difficult because it is the introduction, if you will. As much as I enjoy sharing insights, knowledge, and opinions about various topics, even people, what I don’t like is officially introducing myself. I find it to be the most difficult thing to write.

My friends already know me, and I would rather everyone else get to know me over time in a relaxed, informal manner. With that, I will let you go and ask that you return often to see what I have to say.

I sincerely hope you like what you see and read. And I’ll see you on the next page.

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